The transformity is defined as the emergy (in emjoules) of one kind of available energy required directly and indirectly (through all the pathways required) to make one joule of energy of another type. Transformity is the ratio of emergy to available energy. Transformity measures the position of each kind of energy in the universal energy hierarchy (Odum, 1998).



The instability of the world on fossil fuels (diagram by Abel)

Transformity – Brown & Ulgiati, 2004, Ecological Modeling 178

Energy Transformation Series for Electricity (Odum, 2000, from Understanding Complexity, 2001)
Brown & Ulgiati, Tesla Conference, July 2012
Brown & Ulgiati, Tesla Conference, July 2012

Energy Quality, Emergy, and Transformity: H.T. Odum’s contribution to quantifying and understanding systems 

Kurt Cobb on The Unbearable Lightness of Information

Whatever Happened to Hierarchies in Ecology?

A highly transformed society

Song of the Taste (Gary Snyder, Regarding Wave, 1970)

Eating the living germs of grasses 
Eating the ova of large birds 

      the fleshy sweetness packed 
      around the sperm of swaying trees 

The muscles of the flanks and thighs of 
soft-voiced cows 
      the bounce in the lamb’s leap 
      the swish in the ox’s tail 

Eating roots grown swoll 
      inside the soil 

Drawing on life of living 
      clustered points of light spun 
          out of space 
hidden in the grape. 

Eating each other’s seed 
      ah, each other. 

Kissing the lover in the mouth of bread: 
          lip to lip.