The light is returning

Happy Solstice and Happy Holidays, everyone! The light is returning now, and celebration of the changing seasons brings thoughts about transitions, and it also brings my friend Darcy’s Solstice 21 list.

cirquedupouletThe Solstice 21 List is kind of like New Year’s resolutions, but it has lower stakes and more options. Over the next two weeks when you have some reflection time, jot down a list of 21 wishes you have for the coming year.  These can be big wishes or small wishes (like learning 3 songs on the guitar) or abstract wishes (like being a better communicator) or very specific wishes that would relate only to you.  The spectrum can range from self-initiated things to “power of the universe” things that you hope will befall you in the next year.

gratitudeDon’t show your list to anyone.  Seal it up and put it in a special place that you won’t forget.  Then next year on solstice, open your list and see how you did.  It’s likely you forgot what some of them were, which can be both entertaining and a good reminder of what your hopes were a year ago and how they might have changed. It’s fun, and a unique way to celebrate the lovely glow of light returning to our lives, and a good way to think differently about our material culture. May your New Year be blessed with peace, gratitude and joy.

Header: Sheldon hut, Ruth Glacier, Denali