Science for peace

We all need breaks. I was short of sleep, exercise, and vitamin D. I’ll be back next week. In the meantime, in this season of peace and thanksgiving, here is a woman’s voice about the American military empire. War will be part of our future as we fight over resources, and the American military empire will fade. I hope that the wars will be of the sort that do not devastate the environment using our advanced technologies.  For example, the speaker omits the depleted uranium issues in Iraq and elsewhere. If we can delay these wars until we no longer have the power to splatter deadly toxins across the landscape or implode operational chemical and nuclear plants, then perhaps future generations will have a chance.

By way of XrayMike, this is the keynote speech from the June 2012 Science for Peace Annual Meeting, by H. Patricia Hynes titled Military Culture and Climate Change.

  • Tom Abel

    This is an amazing speech about the need to end the stranglehold of the military-industrial-complex on American life. What is especially valuable is her accounting of the extravagant use of not money but oil (fuels of all kinds) by the military. Hence, the military will do whatever it takes to keep it coming. We’ve really created a monster. One that eats countries with oil for breakfast. That’s a beast we should starve.

    One issue about which I think she is unaware is the stimulus effect of using fossil fuels. Most climate change activists simply see fossil fuels as a negative, the climate poison that will lead to an overheated Earth. Emergy researchers and others know that fossil fuels provide a stimulus to an economy that can come from almost no other source. The renewable energy ‘sources’ like wind and solar have nowhere near the net emergy to replace that stimulus. Their calls for clean energy therefore carry with them a society-changing requirement that they do not realize they are proposing. Better start thinking bigger…maybe about a prosperous way down.