Making change sexy

If kids grow kale, kids eat kale. If they grow tomatoes, they eat tomatoes. But when none of this is presented to them, if they’re not shown how food affects the mind and the body, they blindly eat whatever you put in front of them. . . . We gotta’ make this sexy. I want us all to become ecolutionaries, renegades, gangstas. We gotta’ flip the script on what a gangsta is. . . . Be gangsta with your shovel, and let that be your weapon of choice.— Ron Finley, A guerilla gardener in South Central LA,

Surrealist black and white photos from Gilbert Garcin

Additional photos by Dawn Growth, Mark Carper; header – Talkeetnas, by Toby Schwörer

  • Brian

    Don’t know if you have heard the song “Thrift Shop”, but it is a really popular song right now on the Pop charts that has an amazingly positive message though NSFW. Best lines from the song: “One man’s trash that’s another man’s come up.” and “I’ll wear your granddad’s coat. I look incredible.” And it is all digestible for the next generation. Making Change Sexy indeed.

    • Lol yes my favorite song right now but nsfw so I didn’t post it thanks for the link

    • Brian, Play Macklemore! My favorite, thanks. But maybe NSFW, so I didn’t link it here. Better that you link it, thanks. The times are changing, and shopping in a thrift shop is making more sense . . . .

      • The blog is taking a spring break this week (Saturday, March 23rd). We’ll be back next Saturday.